Monday, January 14, 2019

French Hacker Tweeted Indian Prime Minister

French Ethical hacker Elliot Anderson claim that is not secure over a tweet by tagging Indian Prime Minister himself, he also advised that it was so easy to reach into website database and can be hacked by few tricks. This is due to malfunction in codes. He also mentioned that someone illegally holding the complete database of the website and advised to contact him privately for security auditing.

Later he again tweeted that he had word with Narendra Modi team and now they are updating Security features to make sure website is fully secured.
Website does contain the Prime Minister Office events and other related information.

Keeping eyes on Indian Government websites 
This is the same hacker who keeping an eye on Indian Government websites from sometime (purpose is unclear), he also recently acknowledged that privacy of Aadhaar is not secure and hackers can approach Aadhaar database so easily. After this Team who designed the Security architecture of Aadhaaar confirmed that database is fully secured and impossible to hack externally or internally.