Monday, January 14, 2019

Battery that goes to 400 years of charge

Sometimes invention does happen accidentally and bring some extra ordinary results, student from California university accidentally invented a battery that last almost forever. Everyone knows how frustrated it is while you are in middle of something and all of a sudden your battery start dying. You have to plug your device for charging again and again.

Normally a battery die dramatically after 6K to 7K cycles of charging, but this battery giving almost 100% same results even after 300K charges and no negative effect o performace even after these many charges.

Her team is working hard to bring this concept in real life, invented battery has gold nano wires, but problem was, these gold nano wires break after fixed numbers of charges. However, university of California may find the solution to this and "guess" once again it happens accidentally.

Researchers within the University found that while these nano wires are coated with electrolyte gel,  life of battery  increased dramatically. No lose of battery performance whatsoever , Normally laptop batteries last for 400 to 500 cycles before capacity start downgrading. This invention can lead digital gadgets last for entire lifetime. Which means future batteries outlive the humans. Due to cost of this batteries they will not be in the market soon for sure, but have superior alternate option in shape of "Graphene" batteries and above all these batteries can be charged in few minutes and can last up to 100 times more than the current available lithium batteries in the market.

Image result for hybrid cars

An "Israeli"company has developed the next generation green battery which use only organic compounds know as "Peptides". With the help of this Technology users can charge their smartphones in "few seconds". Moreover its fully safe as its made with organic compounds and have no chance of exploding.

This Israel based company not only stops here they are inventing organic batteries even for hybrid cars which can be charged in minutes can give range up to 500 Kilometers. This organic battery is cheaper and 100% recyclable and will be available in the market very soon.