Tuesday, November 2, 2021

China Quantum Computer 10 million times faster than Google

Chinese scientists claim to have built the world's first light-based quantum computer. The computer is so powerful and able to perform calculations some 100 trillion times faster than the world's most advanced supercomputers. The state-run China Daily, citing the study published in the journal Science, said that the quantum computer (Jiuzhang) is not only a milestone in the field of computing but also demonstrates the benefits of quantum computation.

According to Chinese media, this is a big success for the scientists here, with the help of which there will be a fundamental change in the way of making such a powerful machine. In this regard, quoting a research paper published in the journal Science, the official newspaper 'China Daily' reported that 'Jieuzhang' quantum computer can reliably demonstrate 'quantum computational advantage', which is a great achievement in the computer field.

China Quantum Computer is faster than Google Computer

Leading roles in materials science, artificial intelligence, and medicine, quantum computers run on simulations that are impossible for conventional computers. The name quantum computer is derived from the ancient Chinese mathematical chapter. This computer can solve a very puzzling calculation called Gaussian Boson Sampling in 200 seconds. Whereas the world's most advanced supercomputer 'Fugaku' can take up to 600 million years to calculate this.

China Quantum computing ready for satellite race

Let us tell you that China has invested heavily in mastering quantum technology in recent years. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said that in the year 2017, China had launched a quantum communication satellite with hackproof and ultra-high security features. This is the second major achievement in the field of supercomputers after Google announced the construction of 53 qubit quantum computers last year i.e. in 2019.

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