Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vivo Nex Dual Display Review

Dual - screen design, a Super - AMOLED 6, 39 inches high font, and a Super - AMOLED 5, 49 inches widescreen on the back.
Vivo NEX's Dual - screen version has a 3500mah battery that can charge quickly at 22.5w.
Vivo NEX's Dual - screen version contains a fifth - generation screen scanner, which says that the device unlocks your phone in 0.29 seconds.
Vivo NEX's Dual - screen version has its own voice assistant - Jovi, who is working over artificial intelligence.

At first look, the Vivo Nex Dual - screen version looks almost identical to its predecessor. As far as specifications are concerned, the Vivo Nex has a Dual - screen Display in everything that can be expected of the flagship, and then some. Vivo says that the second screen can be used as a game pad at the back, which seems to be a great idea, if developers build games with features. There is also a moon Ring, one of the most versatile pieces of the Vivo Nex Dual Display. Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi Mix 3, a smartphone with a huge display, a nice sliding cam module, up to 10GB of RAM and a 5g connection.

Vivo Nex double screen is one of the only smartphones with two screens on each side. Last year, Vivo played a leading role in the technology sector, not only in the introduction of the first smartphone with a visual fingerprint sensor, but also in the case of a jumping device with a viewfinder. However, Nex Dual - screen Display solves the problem of front and rear cameras. Three cameras are located above the secondary display - a primary 12 - megapixel stereo sensor with optical image stabilization and an F1, 79 aperture, a 2 - megapixel secondary night view sensor with an F1, 8 opening and a third F– screen Keep up to date with the Gadgets 360 for updates, and our detailed view of the Vivo Nex Dual - screen Edition, which includes a thorough examination of the telephone's cameras, power, software and battery life, and provide a definitive verdict.

Unfortunately, Vivo user interface does not report on the display on time, but we will certainly be able to use the device during our entire test process through our entire battery. Vivo has added two other ways of authentication of the devices, apart from the simple unblocking of the a fingerprint reader on the screen and the TOF ( TOF ) IR sensor. In comparison, the Vivo NEX has performed very well, eliminating OnePlus 6t and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in several tests. Vivo contained a series of two leds in the camera module, which imitates a ring light. The dynamic range in the Vivo NEX Dual - screen version is decent, but I thought it was too much processed to increase the shadow with intelligent implementations such as mirrors and games with two screens, the second screen is more than a trick for me.

In addition to the excellent cars, the VIVO NEX's two - screen version has several new photo shooting functions. In addition, the VIVO NEX Dual - screen version is equipped with a two - turbocharger engine for higher performance. Vivo has used the best technologies and technologies in the NEX range, which not only have a more scientific idea of the project, but also offer a better user experience. Nex Fingerprint scanner is what enables you to view the Ultra - full view. Premium earphone, SIM drive, fast charger, USB C cable, fast charger and warranty cards. The switch from the iPhone SE to vivo Nex, did not see any significant differences in the software front, as the user interface is a xerox version of IOS.

To be fair, Vivo has provided us with some of the most sophisticated phones such as the Vivo X20 and the X21 UD - the first ones to be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Vivo has introduced a new screen technology far ahead of Samsung, which is still the number 1 mobile phone. The benchmarks tell us about speed and performance, and we were able to test the NEX phones in new Vivo with Geek bench. Vivo NEX has become a reality thanks to the NEX exhibition, which was introduced in China a few weeks ago. Vivo NEX's Dual screen also allows users to switch between screens with three fingers. Unexpectedly, NEX's Vivo Display lasts a long time, which is a surprise considering that it has two screens.

Vivo calls it a moon Ring and it’s a drawing and notification gimmick that, for good or for worse, eats on the rear screen. After all, what is now a smartphone with a 12 - megapixel sensor is using, even if it has a lens with an aperture of 1. 8, 4 axes and two pixels. The third camera, in fact a flight sensor or TOF with an IR illuminator, is the case.