Sunday, January 6, 2019

Technology Invention that heals any disease in few seconds

Ohio state medical Center invented a CHIP Technology which can heal organs and skin with a single touch, device size is smaller than the size of a "penny" this device inject genetic Cells code into the skin, Penny size device turn those cells into required cells and can treat any disease that a human body do require. This invention require only few seconds to treat the disease by applying chip to the wounded area.

The cell will begin reprogramming, chip itself  contain with certain specific genetic codes or protein which will place on the skin, and a small electric wave create a way in the tissue.

It has been successfully applied to mice and pigs, its beyond our imaginations, but this invention achieved successfully. Scientists are not far where doctors can treat any disease (e.g. Cancer, HIV, heart attack, brain haemorrhage) in just few seconds. As researchers are planning to start the clinical trails by the end of this year....