Monday, January 7, 2019

These Apps can stole Facebook Data

Facebook day by day losing it trust when it come to the user data security, From last year Facebook is committed to provide maximum security to its users. EU data regulaters are not very happy with facebook and ready to apply heavy fine if its continue in this similar fashion. 

One of the Japanese Cyber ​​Security company has detected a spyware in Android  phone, with the help of which 6 Android apps were accessing data from users of Facebook, Whatsapp and even Snapchat without user can know its happening wide open. According to research company, this spyware's name is 'ANDROIDS_MOBSTSPY' and this spyware was hacking data from users via Flappy Beer, Flappy Beer Dog, Flashlight, Hzdapermis Pro Arab, Win7 Simulator and WinLocker App on Google Play Store. However, good news is these reports along with apps have been removed from Google Play Store after these reports have been received and confirmed. Mostly Indian users affected by these spy apps. 

This is how data was spy or stolen

Research company also explained that, once user downloads these spyware app on their android based mobiles or tablets, this spyware app hacked the device's internet connection to its command and control server.
As soon as this connection was concerned and connected, basic information like device language, registered country, email ID logged in with and manufacturer name was hacked. After that hackers started sending fictitious notifications and commands to the users' device to obtain more data of that device. These hackers start sending disguised notifications e.g. update your whats app, or update your mobile software etc.

Also According to researchers, this spyware was able to hack all the device's information. In addition to call logs, contacts, personal messages, audio-video files and photos of users through this Spyware, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat data could also be accessed in short whatever your mobile or tablet contain is hacked and hackers have full control of your mobile in their hands.

The most influenced by this spyware
Cyber ​​Security Company also found data collected from users of 196 countries around the world simply this spyware was responsible of all the hacks, the most affected Indian users.