Sunday, January 6, 2019

Punch hole Display Style will becomes popular Smartphone feature this year

Multiple camera

Huawei, Oppo and Samsung have already launched multiple camera smartphones. Now other companies will adopt this path and bring more camera phones. Nokia's flagship device is also expected to have five lenses. The phone with more cameras is also being called this year's marketing hook. In 2019, many companies will try to get 44 megapixel camera in their device.

3D sensors

It is not that the companies have not tried to put the 3D camera into smartphones, but this technology has not been able to work properly. In 2019 3D camera sensors will find many smartphones behind. It is certain that some companies are going to give a 3D camera setup in their flagship phones. This will allow capturing 3D scenes. The new dimensions of AR (Augmented Reality) will be seen and the impact on gaming will also be seen. They will also help in shopping too.

Punch hole smartphone screens

In 2018, the reign of Noch was. Although this year may also appear, the effect will start decreasing. Will talk about "punch hole" screens in 2019 Huawe has annexed that "Nova 4" and "View 20" will show punch hole screens. It is discussed that there is a punch hole in the new Smartphone of Asus. The quality of smartphones will not show any significant difference this year, only look and feel will change. But these small holes will remove or lower the knock.