Thursday, September 24, 2020

Instagram App bug could allow Hackers to gain remote access to phone


We as a user always wonder how the hell Hackers hack the phones and other devices remotely all around the world? Does not matter how securely we try to use our phone, but sometime downloaded most trusted apps become the hacking tools for the hackers which allow them to gain the remote access.

Yes here we are talking about Instagram, accordingly to an advisory published by Facebook, this security flaw effect all versions of the Instagram app prior, which was released this year sometime in February.

This patch/flaw let hackers gain the access to the device as app turns into hacking tool without even you ever will figure out. 

How does this work?

Simply hackers need to send you a corrupted image loaded with malware over your email address or WhatsApp or any other app, once you download the image and open the Instagram, exploitation will take place by itself, which will allow hackers to have full control over your application (or in some cases even devices).

But Facebook said they did not find any sign where it can be seen that bug was ever exploited. This is a clear indication as user you MUST update the latest version of app all time which will not even will keep you secure, but will make even tough for hackers to peep into your device.

How to keep your device healthy?

Data breach is more serious concern than ever in the past. Few simple steps can keep you ahead in this hacking game.
  • Do not download the app from unknown source.
  • Keep you device operating system and apps fully updated at all time
  • Think twice prior giving any approval to any app
  • Keep an eye on applications which are asking permission more than the usual.