Monday, September 28, 2020

Coffee Machine hacked with Ransomware Attack

Morning coffee moments are about to leak in this web based world, Yes you heard right that coffee machine can be hacked so easily. May be this the reason I still believe in old fashion and already disconnected device to brew my morning coffee.

Security firm Avast discovered that smart coffee machines not only be hacked, but it can be hacked with Ransomware attack. Research shows to hack a smart coffee machine you don't even need to compromise or hack the network.

Is it possible to hack something without even compromise the network or the router?

Answer is YES

Penetrator tester acted as a Wi-Fi access point and established an unencrypted unsecured connection to a companion application. This enabled the Pen tester to start investigating the entire app and programming or source code which make pen tester to discover that even new updates about app were also unencrypted, the purpose of this attack was to not to knock off the coffee machine, but to turn the coffee machine as crypto currency mining machine same time implant the malware in other smart gadgets connected to specific internet network which will make all these connected devices unusable until unless will pay asked ransomware amount to the attacker or of course simply pull the plug from the main switch.