Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Since trade war hit between USA and China from last year, Chinese companies specially Tech giant "Huawei" hit badly and facing international crisis ban in USA, UK and in India, similar announcement made by the British yesterday and ask all UK companies to remove all the components latest by 2027. However, telecom companies will not be able to buy new Huawei 5G kits from December end this year.

 Why UK ban Huawei?

British digital secretary said BT telecommunications and all other broadband providers will replace Huawei network kit with full fiber optic broadband. British govt made the statement saying Huawei is creating too much risk for it multi billion GBP projects and Govt can't put everything at risk, which means UK will not be able to roll out complete 5G network next two to three years and could cost extra £2 billion. 

But why govt allow Huawei at first?

Prime Minister Johnson does admit that Huawei was a high risk company and Govt was fully aware with this risk, but security agencies advised they can handle such risk if needed, certainly which is not the case anymore for sure and less likely UK will consider to take this decision back.