Wednesday, July 15, 2020
In past few weeks Google detected "FAKETOKEN" a banking Trojon for specially for Android, previously detect by Google in 2014, This virus simply send spam/phishing messages. due to design of this Trojon virus specially foreign users getting infected and later users discover their mobiles bill touching sky.

Firstly this latest version steal online banking credentials and secondly "Android version authenticate message OTP (One TIme Password). This latest version first detected in January this year in Russia.

So how this "Banking Trojan" work's?

Malware have ability to hack entered passwords and then later convert into its own dubious information and its VBS script allow to bypass the system security on the target system. "FAKENOTE" malware hosted on Google search sites pages itself which makes it more vulnerable.So far Cyber Security experts discovered four different trojans, which specifically designed for Financial institutions in Brazil, Latin America and EU