Saturday, January 5, 2019

Smart Phones users will increase in India by 60% in 2019

Indian users are getting hooked to their smartphones. Thanks to the cheap 4G data plans which has enabled Indian smartphone users to easily access online content and contribute to it. There is a report on what people download on their smartphones worldwide. It is reported that by 2019, smartphone users in India will be downloading the apps more than anywhere else. The mobile app users in India are online shoppers, video browsers and games enthusiasts who are  most likely set to increase their numbers by 60 percent in 2019 as per the survey.

The online shopping is a growing trend which is set to grow further in India due to heightened interest from multinational corporations in this lucrative market. One quick survey shows, "In India” alone, the online shopping, video and games apps category are increasing and continue

to grow rapidly. One of the key reason of this growth is certainly the penetration of 4G network to small cities and rural parts of the country and secondly the affordability of the data itself is

another important factor. According to our study, the growth of online shopping, games and video apps will continue in 2019 and will add up to 60 percent increase in new users.

As per report on the basis of data from 2 million mobile phone users, the trend will surge ahead. According to the report, in the January-March quarter of 2018 compared to October-December quarter of 2017, the number of users connected to the news, entertainment, shopping grew by 94 percent, the demand for social networking app grew by 80 percent and the demand for the game app showed an increase by 52 percent.