Monday, January 3, 2022

New features in WhatsApp this year

in new Year WhatsApp Chat will transfer from Android to iPhone will piece of cake, admin will be in control to delete any message in the participant chat or group.

Many new features will be added in WhatsApp this year. This will completely change the users experience of using Messenger. The new features will be related to user experience, utility. The testing of the features that WhatsApp is about to launch this year has been going on for a very long time. Let us explain these new features one by one.

Chat Transfer from Android to iOS on WhatsApp

Some time this year WhatsApp Android users will get the feature to transfer chats to iOS. With the help of upcoming WhatsApp feature, lets say Android users switch to iOS, users will be able to transfer all their chats. Meta the owner company of WhatsApp started chat transfer between iOS and Android last year. Users can transfer their chat history from their iPhone to any of their Android device.

Control feature for admin in WhatsApp

WhatsApp already working on a new feature to experience the control of group chat admins. Group Admins on WhatsApp will soon be able to delete any message sent in a group chat. When someone in the admin group removes the message, everyone in that group will be notified regarding this update. This will be totally different from the disappearing message as group admins will be able to use it whenever they feel and want.

Reaction to message on WhatsApp feature

The feature of this giving feedback on messages will be a massive feature update for WhatsApp. This feature is already available on the Facebook social media app. WhatsApp has been seen testing the ability to give your reaction to messages in a chat. This feature will let you express emotions in the shape of emoji and there are currently six confirmed emoji reactions. Users will also be able to see which emoji has reacted to your message or also in group chat.

Near by business on WhatsApp

This WhatsApp new feature that will make life easier for users to search for business on the app. There will be a latest new section named 'businesses nearby' in the search tool section. Here filters like restaurants, grocery stores, clothes will be available. Similar to filters of images, videos, GIFs appear on the app.