Thursday, September 17, 2020


Cyber ransomware attackers attack German city Dusseldorf based DUC Hospital, damaging the Hospital IT system completely, due to this attack woman patient seeking medical help in Hospital Emergency department die. patient was expecting to transport to the another city for special treatment, but die due to this fetal ransomware attack as hospital was in the middle of this attack and its believe to first ever death caused by "Ransomware".

What is the current situation?

Currently health care, hospitals are one of the biggest target for cyber criminals. German Cyber Intelligence are investigating group or people behind this crime. Officials said attackers attack almost 30 another hospitals and left a message to contact the attackers. Special Cyber cell police are dealing with these attackers and as per the news attackers withdrew the demand and issue a key code to police to unlock the servers. Officials also update that attackers are no longer reachable and almost vanished since.

German Cyber Police also warned attackers were also attacking Citrix application. However, Citrix did not make comment to this yet. This is not the first time that attackers attack at the hospital, same incidents are happening frequently worldwide, recently Alabama hospitals paid the ransom and in return they received the data back.