Monday, July 13, 2020
UK is getting prepared with all safe guard to tackle the Cyber 9/11 attack from China, as tension between two nations is on peak due to Hongkong back stabbing, China major company "Huawei" ban in the UK, Corona virus spreading.
Researchers and analyst warn the UK government to be ready as this cyber 9/11 is ready to knock off UK internet, Telephone lines, power supply blackout. Australia was hit by similar targeted cyber attack when China discovered deal fell out with Australia over coronavirus and trade war.
NCSC have warned Beijing is well prepared of launching devastating so call "all out attack" backed by state sponsored hackers. NCSC also confirmed they were not expecting that tension between two nations will reach to next level, British Govt must be prepared to the risk of cyber attacks from High risk states and take all necessary action to prevent the attack which can give another deep blow to UK economy which already suffering all time low due to current pandemic so call "Covid-19" which believe start point was also China.
Hackers targeting government, politicians, education, Banking sector, top financial organisations, health and other essential sector.
Last week China Ambassador to London warned UK Govt getting rid of Huawei and interfering Chinese over Hongkong would send a negative message to Chinese business which for sure can negatively impact the UK counterpart.