Friday, July 10, 2020

Smartwatches purchased to monitor health can also cause problems. Recently security researchers reported that the software of smartwatches used to help elderly patients can be easily hacked and misused.
In this, watches of patients with dementia are being targeted. In this, the hacker can send a reminder to the patient to take the medicine whenever he wants. Researchers expressed concern that this may cause an overdose and worsen the patient's condition. However, after informing the Chinese company, they rectified the flaw.

UK security firm Pen Test Partners discovered the flaw
However, the app that connects to this type of smart watch has more than 10 million (i.e. 1 crore) downloads. Researchers say that there is no way to know whether this flaw was used by someone else before it was improved. UK-based security firm Penn Test Partners detected the flaw.

Smart watch is useful for patient

Smartwatches designed for patients with dementia may prove helpful. For example, if the patient is lost somewhere on a walk, then in such a situation it will call the person caring for them, who can track their location.

Flaws found in pills notification

The Tech Pills notification allows a caregiver to send reminders remotely. Researchers point out that this is where the mistake occurred. A person who knows a basic hacking skills can also trigger a drug alert as many times as he wants. Whereas a person with dementia cannot remember whether they have previously taken the drug or not.