Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Amazon will spend Rs. 36,500 crores on new headquarter

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Amazon’s growth has been just amazing over the last decade and has become a mainstream market in many countries. In Europe, a few countries are thinking of introducing “Technology” tax to make sure main streets shops are safe which are driving the local economy and providing employment to thousands.

Amazon is planning to open its second headquarter and reportedly mulling on the preferred location. We will probably know the location next month as per the report. The company has shortlisted 20 cities. According to the Washington Post, Virginia's Crystal City is ahead in the super race. INR Rs.36,500 crores ($ 5 billion) will be spent on the construction of new its new headquarter. The new headquarter will create 50,000 new jobs over the next 10 to 15 years.

Facebook informed about the completion of the new building, MPK 21, in California two months ago. It would cost around of Rs 2,160 crore ($ 30 million), this building will save 6.4 million liters of water every year. The building has a water recycling facility. The building is completely environmentally friendly.

Google opened its Headquarter doors to tourists, anyone who is interested to know the work culture at Google, can simply book the tour and get a chance to look closely the work atmosphere.

Apple Park spreads over 175 acres of area in California. More than 13,000 employees works in Apple Business Park based in California Apple Park. You only can guess how big this Headquarter is, as its fitness center alone takes up 1 million square feet. The ring-shaped campus also has a walking and running path. Here, 9,000 trees have been planted. Apple Park features a 1000-seat auditorium for entertainment. According to Apple, this is the largest site in the world with solar energy Installation showing their commitment to reduce the carbon footprint.