Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the answer to deduct bugs in Software code

Billions of Software codes written every year, but it's hard for Human being or any professional to debug all written software codes. As a human we have limited resources, power and above all have limitation to detect all bug while software in use. Lack of this ability hackers know how to enter into the system and hack the system and damage maximum. These kind of attacked called "Zero Day Attack". Iran nuclear Plant is the biggest example of "Zero Day Attack".

That’s how some in the industry are starting to focus less on sealing borders from outside threats and more on focusing on bad behavior inside as it happens—As they know can stop these attack while strong internally. 

Currently Apple working on secret AI project where they are making keyboard that AI to read whole documents. Project will take some time to be completed as Apple still need to make it Machine to keep learning and how to process the data in terms of words.