Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Indian Govt BAN Porn with help of telecom service providers

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As per a research report by a private firm in India, between 2016 and 2017, online porn viewership has increased by 80% in India and viewers are spending 75% more time on porn site during the day.

In a recent order from the supreme court, all telecom providers in India have banned porn websites on their network to comply with the court order. These include names of big telecommunication companies like Vodafone, airtel,  Reliance Geo etc. This issues has been debated recently, post the ban early this year, on the subject whether is it correct for the government to decide what people are allowed to access and whether such a ban is democratic.

While telecom operators in India have welcomed and implemented the court orders, many businesses in this industry are trying to thwart this ban. Many businesses in the porn industry tweeted their disappointment and even some of them shared new links and apps in retaliation. Implementing a complete ban, at all times, may prove to be challenging for the telecom operators.